My name is Jack Holmes,

I’m a videographer & photographer.

Hi, My name is Jack. I am a 34 year old videographer/photographer. I have a HUGE love for media and love creating new projects and working on new and exciting ideas. A little bit of background, i used to be a cheerleader here in the UK and i used to be a carpenter. But i have since become a fulltime videographer/photographer & WordPress Website developer. Quite the package service.


I first started whiping up some little edits of videos with the free editor software most computers come with, realised i loved it and then bought a camera and some proper gear then the rest became history as they say. So from Weddings, Sports Events, Social Events, Parties, Fitness Promos and anything video feel free to drop me a message and i will help you with your project.


Alot like the videography side of things i also applied the same efforts into photography and continued to grow my knowledge and skill a developed myself into delivering professional quality high resolution

My Skills

  • Videography 90% 90%
  • Premiere Pro 80% 80%
  • Visual Effects 70% 70%
  • Photography 90% 90%